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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

I Love to shoot weddings, why, some may ask, they are sooo much work ~ well I love shooting pictures of people and using those pictures to tell a story of an entire day; capturing a great smile or laughter never get old. I love taking candid photos that capture real emotions.
For me weddings aren't just about the ceremony and portraits of the bridal party. It's also about the back stage scenes and all the preparations that the bride and groom have prepared for their guest,  they are little stories within themselves right into every corner of the room down to every detail.  I LOVE IT ALL!
All of your guests saw the ceremony, but none of them saw the bride putting on her dress or the florist decorating the church.  Often the bride and groom have not arrived to greet the guests & first impressions at the reception, capturing these moments is all about fun.

My goal is to tell the rest of the story as well as capturing all the classic moments you expect.  Then if the bride desires, my favorite part is recreating all the moments & details into a beautifully designed coffee table book to be relived over & over again.   ~ Blessings to a New Year.


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