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Monday, December 5, 2011

Finally Found the One...

I have searched ~ researched, tried & errored, until ... finally.... I think I found it.
My obsession for the past few months has been to find the perfect camera bag.  Something big enough to hold all my gear --  yet light & comfortable enough to not leave permanant marks on my shoulder after a long photo filled day.

I wanted, something fun, 'stylish' (not that I claim to have style), Durable-- I tend to be tough on my gear so it must withstand me.  & An anything but black kind of bag. I am so much in love with the braided handles & awesomely padded shoulder strap.
There are lots of adjustable compartments & yes, it holds just about everything I need for a full day, PLUS room for the i-pad I may or may not own~ at least there is a spot for it?! right?
Best of all it comes with a super cute hot pink camera charm -- oh how I love jewelry (i'm kinda-sorta a fanatic) and check out the inside of the bag-- kissing birdies- they make me sMiLe.

Thank you Cheeky Lime for creating an ingenious camera bag.  I untterly adore everything about my new bag!!  And I'm so ubberly thrilled to own such a fantastic creation.

Happy Holidays & Blessings.


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