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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Behind the Lens}

Researching in the past weeks I have read & re-read - in order to become a successful photographer you have to blog, regularly. {gulp}  I am not a writter!! I am the passive quiet one in the corner observing, without much to say.  So what's on my mind now? 

I'm looking for October.  I fear I missed it ~ and now it's November!  This is the time of year I take the time to appreciate and wholehearted reflect on all the 'blessings' that have come into my world.  I am humbled and my heart has never been more alive with all that has come along my way.  There are times when I find I need a break from technologies in effort to slow down & enjoy my little people.  I may not always have something to say, I am alive & pounding the pavement everyday ~ I am not sure where to begin or end, with my blessings, but life is good.  Take time to enjoy the little things that makes you smile. Happy Fall Y'all   ~B


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