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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You may, or may not have seen the post on Facebook.  The pictures listing "what a photographers day looks like"  ~~ along side that is a breakdown of "What a photographers day REALLY looks like"

My desk has been cluttered for weeks with stacks of papers, and piles of orders mixed in with post it notes of to-do's.  I used to pride myself how "organized" I am was.  That day has long gone, and now I'm just along for the ride.  My 'organized' clutter can wait until someday when the dust settles.  Which at that point it's safe to call it the 'calm before the storm'.  The cycle will re-cycle over once again.   I did not create this post so I could talk about my clutter.

This post is more about what's in a name?  I have had to ask that.  My life has changed over the past few years- multiplying the family gave me time to reflect, slow down speed up, & finding time to enjoy it all. 

Time has quickly moved forward and now my baby is 16 months old already.  I feel my feet have hit the pavement again and it's now time to find myself;  redesign the business and take a look at why it was started in the first place. 

This is just a few samplings of the goodness that just keeps growing and developing ~ kuddos to my fabulous clients, I wouldn't be living this dream without you.  And now, countless hours, multiple hand cramps and headaches.  Missing strings & hunts for "that" paper. 

What do you get when you book with TSP? 

besides a messy countertop....?

From Countertop to Computer I present the new "look" of TSP -- Change is good and I'm rolling with the punches.  It's all here in one place.  From Session to Print Collections.   It is isn't about just creating images it's about getting you art for your walls.  Let's CrEaTe something fabulous!

There are so many cool print products out on the market.  I am constantly looking, touching & printing, but it doesn't stop there.  My most favorite part of this whole process is creating the albums.  I feel that's where your images shine & come to life.  They are given a whole new meaning when put into storybook form.

Your images are important.  They have heartfelt meaning to me, even if I don't know you personally & our time is brief.  Photography is a passion.  My creative outlet all wrapped up in a pretty little package just for you.



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