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Thursday, January 24, 2013

From the depths of storage

Now that we have entered into a new year, I vowed to take more time for "me"  if that's possible.?.?

I  kicked it off by arranging my estranged craft room;  after scavenging for a few days, elbows deep in fabrics gallore, yarns of varieties of lenths and textures, odds n' ends tidbits, stamps and card making supplies.  These were all hobbies I once enjoyed,  those days have long passed since entering motherhood & photography as a career.

As a new found person-- reviving my inner artist, I present a work in progress--

The canvas was a project started 8 years ago.  A painting, that hit a road block. It has been hanging on the wall looking very unfinished-- hoping I would have a EURIKA inspiration moment. 
The time has come to add a few more items of interested to the ever pending painting.

These 3 words will forever be at my roots of my very being.  The essensce of my soul.
Laugh often, Love Always and Live as it may all end tomorrow.

As a work in progress, what do you think?? 
It's still 'unfinished' in my eyes.  I guess that leaves me back to the point where I  hang it on the wall until more inspiration strikes.

T.T.F.N ~B


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