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Friday, February 8, 2013

Reduce. Reuse. Upcycle

My lifestyle has always been on the thrifty side.  Some may call it cheap, I prefer economical. 

I'm so thankful that I only have to shop walmart/target once few weeks, but those bags in excess tend to really bother me.  Although these consumer baggies are so useful in so many other ways -- they are not made like they used to & I find they rip more easily leading it straight to the trash upon arrival at home.

  These plastics although a rather convenient way to port our food/goods home;  fill our precious land and oceans with litter.  I am definately not perfect in the eco-friendly department; but I try my hardest to play a small part.  One baggie at a time.

As I was clearing out my craft room; there is a bottom to the pit!!  I stumbled upon a rainy day 'to-do' project that has been buried by the years of busy.  I've rekindled the project -- and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Reusable bags T-shirt bags -- super reinforced along the bottom edge -maybe not guaranteed NOT to rip, but I can fix it right?? 

I hope to fulfill my ecofriendly role, as long as long as I can remember to bring these home-made carry-alls on our shopping adventures.... that's another area of life that may need a little work ~~ the memory.

 Step 1.  Lay out the t-shirt.  Line up the seams of the arms & neck
 Step 2.  Cut along the seam of both sleeves & neck band.
Throw these to the side for a later project... scraps can be very useful....
Your shirt should look something like the picture below.

Step 3. Turn the shirt inside out.  Now stitch, nail, zig zag, straight stitch,
staple, duct tape & glue along the bottom edge.  You will need to reinforce this seam.
 It may ease your mind to know the contents of the bag will not be crashing to the ground in an
unexpected mishap ~ nobody likes a ripped bag.
Step 4.  Turn the shirt to the right side -- it's time to shop and fill your upcycled bag
until your heart is content.
Don't forget to SMILE when using this crafty bag.  You are doing a small part to save the world !
That is definately something to smile about.


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