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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A birthday wish

Today We Celebrate!!

10 years ago I stumbled into Motherhood.  Literally stumbled.  It was a sink or swim moment at the Walstead household.  Somehow with the help of friends & family, we ALL miraculously survived the flips & adjustments to our new found world of parenthood.

I will openly admit my waterworks turn on when my children reach milestones.  This birthday is no exception, with a combination of sadness and a boat load of pride I am honored to stand on my soapbox to sing:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dearest Jamison,
Happy Birthday to you!
On the day you were born and every day after, you have .....
.........challenged us in ways we've never thought possible.
......... taught us how to love unconditionally.
..........remind us everyday to seek the silly side of life, it's way more interesting anyways!
..........been a wonderful role-model to your siblings & peers. 

We are forever grateful that our lives are blessed with your presence. 
We love you to the moon & back and so much more!!  Happy Birthday little buddy!
My birthday advice to a special young man::  time goes quickly, don't rush your childhood, there is plenty of time to grow up.  Slow down, live in the moment!  We are really looking for to what happens next!  You are growing into a fine young man Jamison Matthew Walstead!

Love Mom
{Dad, Josiah, Jasmyn & Josilyn
Buddy, RJ, Abbie & Figaro}


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