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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reflections from Within

We are human.  There are constants in life, the Given's.  They keep us perpetually moving forward.  I have been this sprocket for a long while, until recently the unexpected.  I have a new lease on the importance of expecting the unexpected.  You never know when inspiration may strike, it happens at crazy hours & in all forms. 
What happens when inspiration falls into your lap?  It's like a bolt of lightening and a million shooting stars.  Unexplainable without sounding crazy.  I pulled it all together thru a release.  Creation.  I wanted to create a visual storyboard about my story.
Music is in my soul.  It reflects me in ways I can not describe.  An extension of myself.  When I heard this Song by Josh Garrels I turned into a puddle; maybe a lake by the end note.  As I laid back and closed my eyes; I let my thoughts drift away ~ It was amazing, Surreal.  To share this experience became a driving force which set the cogs in motion.  And with that, I set off to building my visual  story.  Who I am.  With all the images coming from my personal files.  They have a soft spot on my heart.  Please be kind, As I present to you;  Life from behind my Lens.


I'd like to give a shout out to the bestest "IT" guy a photographer could ever have, THANK YOU CMO!  You are awesome, I appreciate all your technical advice and knowledge, I couldn't have created this video without you!  If your 'hamster' aka:computer dies, give Chris a shout!  He'll know how to fix it-  Safe Boot Solutions     


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