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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Traveling by Minutes.

WOW!  Time sure does fly.  

I had to leave the ole' blog dormant in effort to focus on myself and re-group as a mom-treprenuer.  
One day at a time, I'm regaining traction and a new understanding of what it takes to fly-solo; I'm ready to dive into 2014 wholeheartedly embrace the changes that are about to happen!!

This picture was the start of a whole new self-awareness.  THANK you to the amazing ATHENA.  for being you, an inspiration & for donating your time and talents so other women can see themselves for who they are.
As a photographer, I tend to spend all my time behind the lens.  Focusing on getting others comfortable with their own skin.  To put myself out there and on the other side meant showing my vulnerabilities.  **sigh**  this is me.  We all have insecurities, and it's those small pieces that make us unique.  I have come to acceptance and a new understanding.

On the Photography Spectrum; I have a few big announcements coming up-- shhhh.... they are currently under a little R&D ~ I will be posting the big news here, so please stay tuned!

My winter has been and will be filled with bridal shows, I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting new brides/grooms-to-be and hearing all the fun details that are transpiring.  There are SO many creative ways to make a wedding day truly your own!
The next stop is the River Falls Bridal Show, February 16.  drop in say "hi", I'll be there with a few special treats up my sleeve {figuratively}.  I'd love to hear what you're planning!  Check out the details here:


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