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Thursday, December 16, 2010

From the Mom Files

I am so delighted it's the Holiday season again ~ with that comes great memories of the year, and lots of bewilderment of where it all went ~ and where was I....??
As you have heard my lastest news, baby #4, thus I've been hiding, LOTS of napping, relaxing, cherishing and commemorating a wonderful family that has supported me thru my hobby & life behind the lens.
I would love to share a few highlights of my family ~ of this 2010 ~ that's flown by with with a whirlwind.
My blue eyed devil loves to tease the younger kids ~

first steps ~ Amazing how fast they learn the tricks of the trade!
Happy Birthday Missy J! You are officially ONE

Halloween Fun @ the pumpkin Patch


The final outcome of our family outing ~ pumpkin pie anyone??

Christmas Tree Shopping 2010 ~ the final selection is always hard to do when everyone is sooooo beautiful.
Then you get it home and it's always way to big for the space you envisioned, but this year we got it right ~ we did not have to get rid of any furniture to fit our tree. And no birds nest this year. 

Let the fun begin!

That's all for this year ~ just a few highlights, hope I didn't bore you, but this is my life behind the lens & I'm sticking to it ~ I will leave you with this warm happy thought, while you sip your wine & cider with family & friends this Holiday season ~  summer will soon be on it's way.  Peace & Blessings ~ The Walstead Family.

Trikes, n' tollies, bugs n' bikes, we'll be riding them again someday.



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